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Welcome to ACO Academy. The aim of the academy is to provide all those involved with drainage solutions with a progressive, increasing in difficulty and developing levels of knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

How often do you run the courses?
ACO Academy continuously runs training courses through out the year. Depending on prior commitments, courses are normally available within two weeks of your enquiry.

Why does ACO offer training?
The Academy is committed to providing those involved with the specification, selling or installation of ACO products, the best possible help when advising customers on products, their applications and installation.

Experience has taught us that by providing merchants, stockist, contractors and specifiers with advice and learning opportunities, we have increased our market profile, sales and developed strong relationships with our customers and product users.

In addition ACO is continually developing new products which need to be launched into the market. By teaching customers about our products they enter the market quickly and effectively.

Where are training course held?
All ACO Academy training courses are built to suit your business requirements. Training courses can be held at your branch or office or with our ACO Academy Trailer which has been specifically designed for onsite CPD seminars and product demonstrations. The ACO Academy Trailer is designed to offer delegates an informal approach to product training as well chance to interact with the products and ask the ACO team questions.

How do I book a training course?
Please submit the Academy enquiry form with details of your requirements. We will then contact you and build a course to meet your needs.

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