ACO's award-winning innovation and dedicated expertise has gained a reputation for protecting environments. With global research facilities spanning four continents and over 3,500 employees, ACO combine a rich heritage with the latest technologies to create products and systems that protect people, businesses and infrastructure – while improving water quality and enhancing urban spaces. Click here to view ACO Global locations

Although the regulatory landscape may be changing, ACO’s philosophy hasn’t. Exceptional, sustainable surface water management is nothing new for ACO. Indeed, with a wealth of new SuDS guidelines and legislation just around the corner, unrivalled experience and expertise will prove more invaluable than ever in shaping future solutions.

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ACO in the UK
ACO Technologies plc is the UK division of the ACO Group. Established in 1984, ACO Technologies plc is based in in both Shefford, and Bedford, Bedfordshire. ACO uses a diverse range of materials including polymer concrete, iron, steel and plastic to develop innovative products that are supported by a comprehensive design and after sales service.

The divisions of ACO Technologies plc

ACO Water Management
The ACO Water Management range has pioneered the management of surface water and today provides architects, specifiers and engineers with a complete package of integrated systems suitable for use across the entire spectrum of civil engineering projects.

Through client-based research and constant innovation, ACO Water Management has evolved from its origins in line drainage to an award-winning supplier of an unrivalled range of products and support services that provide the complete and effective management of surface water: from system design through collection, cleaning, storing and on-site source control allowing the safe release of run-off back to natural watercourses.  

Covering applications as diverse as retail and commercial development to major national transport and infrastructure projects, the ACO Water Management range assures industry leading sustainable drainage performance and environmental protection.  

The range includes high performance surface drainage systems, award-winning attenuation and infiltration solutions, as well as hydrocarbon separators and vortex flow control systems.

• Civils + Infrastructure The Civils + Infrastructure range has pioneered the management of surface water and today provides architects, specifiers and engineers with a complete package of integrated systems suitable for use across the entire spectrum of civil engineering projects.
• Building + Landscape The Building + Landscape range is tailored to the demands of residential and commercial developments. Amongst its many application specific products are drainage systems for drives, level doorway thresholds and disabled accesses, and permeable ground reinforcement systems that can be used to create additional parking for cars and caravans.
• ACO Drain SpecialsDrain Specials are part of the Civils + Infrastructure area that offer the modification of existing standard ACO drainage products to suit the specific requirements of a project or customer.

ACO Sport
ACO Sport provides specific drainage solutions and stadia products for sporting facilities, stadiums and arenas. These systems are designed to maximise the functionality of the athletic facility without disrupting the performance of athletes and players.

ACO Wildlife
The ACO Wildlife product range, which includes toad tunnels and amphibian fencing systems, focuses on the protection of vulnerable species whose habitats are increasingly under threat.

ACO Building Drainage specialises in the development of corrosion resistant drainage systems and building products for applications across the internal and external built environments. Conceived to eliminate design risk, to optimise installation and to minimise lifetime ownership cost, every product in the range delivers exceptional levels of performance, finish and durability.

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The technical expertise, global resources and fabrication capacity within the ACO Building Drainage division make it possible for architects, engineers and contractors to realise the highest quality and value when selecting from our standard products, or, when using our bespoke design service.

ACO Building Drainage products fully exploit both the aesthetic qualities and resilience of a number of high performance materials including stainless steel, polypropylene, galvanised steel, aluminium alloy, nickel bronze and gun metal.

Specialist drainage, grease management and fire-proofing systems provide safe and hygienic solutions for hospitals, chemical production, food processing, leisure centres, laboratories and catering facilities. Stainless steel decorative tree grills, laser cut curved gratings and wet room drainage systems complement settings that demand the highest aesthetic finish.

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