Style, aesthetics, performance and reliability are all important factors when specifying surface water management systems. Globally recognised as the no. 1 choice in managing surface water, ACO provide designers with the widest range of channel and grating styles to choose from.

By using a range of different design options including light, form, texture, material and colour, ACO’s grating and channel styles can be used to complement or enhance many landscape designs. Alternatively for projects which require discreet drainage to blend subtly with the design of the landscape, ACO’s comprehensive range of slot drainage systems can provide an aesthetically-pleasing finish.

Explore the multiple options in our standard product range using our new Grating Visualiser tool, or for projects which require something a little different, speak to the ACO team, who can help create your bespoke design.

New stylish range of grating designs for the ACO MultiDrain system Contemporary, elegant designs will add character and style to any landscape project. These new gratings are designed to be used with our most popular surface water drainage system, ACO MultiDrain. Choose from our range of sophisticated stainless or galvanised options, or for heritage and traditional landscapes, we now offer a new range of ductile iron styles to complement these areas.
Intercept Bar Stainless Steel
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Intercept Profile Stainless Steel
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Intercept Profile Galvanised Steel
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Mosaic Ductile Iron
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Flag Ductile Iron
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Leaf Ductile Iron
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These new range of grating styles are designed to be used with our ACO MultiDrain MD or MultiDrain PPD channel drainage system. Please click the product name for more technical information on these channel systems.
Choosing the right drainage system Our surface water management systems can provide a choice of surface finishes to any landscape. If you require a discreet slot finish, our ACO Qmax and MultiDrain Brickslot systems will provide an aesthetically pleasing design. ACO MultiDrain Monoblock and RoadDrain with integral gratings offer an added level of security, and our MultiDrain MD and PPD range of removable grating designs provide a wide choice of options for many applications.
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