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The construction industry represents one of the most complex and most exciting sectors in the UK economy. It’s dynamic nature combined with the variety and breadth of issues that the industry must address on a daily basis neccessitates a truly complex knowledge base. It is a knowledge base that is thriving and every hour of every day experts are preparing presentations and participating in seminars and conferences – sadly all largely unseen by the vast majority of the industry.

ACO On-Air captures and shares the work of knowledge leaders with an audience across the globe. There is a backdrop of subject matter that is relevant to all construction professionals in the UK - Politics and the economy for example, then there are issues that are critical to particular disciplines in many sectors like BIM and Carbon Management. Issues such as Transport and Water although relevant to more specific sectors are equally as dynamic and complex: ACO On-Air is rich with thought leading content in all these areas and many more – it is knowledge shared at a click – don’t miss a moment!

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Environmental Objectives

Through the implementation of the ACO Environmental Policy ACO seeks to

ensure that its activities conform to all relevant environmental legislation

protect the environment through appropriate planning and implementation of business improvements

minimise its use of non-sustainable sources of production feed stocks

minimise its use of electricity and oil energy resources

continue to be innovative in its design processes and product specifications to maximise the inclusion of recycled materials in all of its products consistent with the BS, EN and ISO standards that apply to such products.

continue to be innovative in its development and future use of production materials with high recycled contents.

Environmental Statement


The core area of activity ACO Technologies is in protecting environments from surface water by providing products and design support that help facilitate the creation of integrated drainage solutions.
ACO products are designed to assist in the responsible and sustainable management of Surface Water to help protect living and natural environments.

ACO actively engages with the SuDS (Sustainable Drainage System) community to develop product characteristics that include flow attenuation, storage capacity and interoperability with other SuDS methodologies, including the management of surface water to replenish Groundwater.
ACO engages in research into waste water management through partnerships with Government and Universities.

Working with consulting engineers and architects ACO design engineers always use best endeavours to produce layouts that conform with hydraulic design and contaminated water legislation. ACO helps these clients minimise the environmental impacts of that water on through drainage solutions that help to maximise flood prevention through Rainwater Harvesting, Rainwater Storage, flow attenuation, the prevention of sewage backflow and elements to support porous pavements.

In response to an environmental management need ACO has produced a number of products particularly aimed at Wildlife protection.

ACO Technologies recognises the benefits of environmentally friendly and sustainable products and procedures. The company will continue to develop new and existing products and source raw materials and services using the maximum practicable recycled material and environmentally sustainable resources wherever feasible.

As an ISO 9001:2000 registered member of the British Safety Council ACO Technologies is committed to achieving the highest standards and has a programme in place to integrate into its normal business processes Environmental Policies and Procedures to the ISO14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems.
ACO Technologies recognises and endorses the fundamental objectives for Sustainable Development of the UK Government and the European Union. The company is committed to complying with relevant environmental legislation and to minimizing the risk of pollution.

ACO Technologies provides all staff with easy visibility of all current environmental legislation through the CEDREC Environmental Information System.

Ever mindful of the environmental requirements of its customers ACO seeks to ensure that its policies and products complement such needs and provides supporting specialist Water Management Design when requested.

ACO Technologies has a robust policy for sustainability, recyclability and recycling. Being very aware of problems that may be attributed to global warming and climate change it has a programme of Measure: Avoid: Reduce: Offset

ACO Technologies recognises the need to take account of the needs of developing countries by sourcing component parts and materials as ethically and appropriately as possible.

General comment

ACO Technologies has a growing environmental awareness of the need to reduce its carbon footprint. To this end ACO Technologies has installed large heat energy reclamation units in its factory, energy which is reused within the organisation.

ACO Technologies has an ongoing programme considering the purchase of fuel and heating oils and electricity originating in full or in part from renewable sources. The purchase of power efficient IT equipment and the application of the IT industry best practice to minimise power consumption continues.

ACO have a rolling 3 year target to deliver ongoing energy efficiencies.
We seek AVOID unnecessary use of energy and strive to find ways to REDUCE our use of energy and emissions arising from our operations including manufacture, administration and transport.
To achieve our policy we focus our efforts on five key elements:
• carbon emissions resulting from energy use in the production process = 2%
• carbon emissions resulting from our admin processes= 2%
• working with our supply chain on reducing their energy use and emissions 1%.
• carbon emissions resulting from business travel 1%
• design for efficient manufacture

The ACO Technologies’ policy will be delivered by:

• accurately measuring and reporting our CO2e and remaining committed to broadening the scope of measurement through continuous improvement – we will be independently monitored for performance through the Carbon Trust Certification.

• creating a culture that places low-carbon working practices at the heart of our business process through the provision of robust data and informed decision-making tools

• enabling and actively encouraging our people, our supply chain and our stakeholders to engage in activities focused on the reduction of our carbon footprint.

Business units will implement plans to ensure this policy is delivered.

Regular monitoring of progress will be undertaken through quarterly reports to the ACO Technologies Board Meeting.

These plans will be supported by our wider sustainability targets.

Principal targets
Production Shefford
Production Caxton Road BD
Production Caxton Road AWM
Owned transport (on site)
Operational business transport (company cars)
Heating, Lighting
Supply chain – raw material

ACO Technologies recognises that Sustainability is the single most important issue that the construction industry will face over the years to come. To assist designers address this problem all ACO products are manufactured from sustainable materials wherever practicable and are themselves designed to be 100% recyclable at “end life”.

ACO Polymer Concrete is 100% recyclable as are all other production residues and within 6 months the company will have completed its programme of residues management ensuring that all packaging, palleting and office residues are segregated and managed in an ecologically sustainable manner.
Metallic or polymeric items procured by ACO Technologies are required to have maximum possible recycled content. For thermoplastic and cast iron components the target recycled content is 100% whilst the specialist stainless steel used in Building Drainage products is typically delivered with 70% recycled content.
ACO has an ongoing research and development programme aimed at maximizing the use of recycled materials within all of its products and has undertaken to ensure that transition from traditional processes and materials to optimised sustainable alternatives is fully considered in every respect.

All office stationery is sourced from a supplier committed to providing Eco-friendly products.
Residues of office stationery, cardboard and plastics’ residues – including plastic and paper drinks’ cups - are segregated for recycling by specialist processors.

ACO Technologies positively encourages journey planning, it encourages car sharing for commuting and business journeys. The ACO Technologies plc Car Policy ensures that all company owned vehicles use fuel efficient engine designs including those of a “hybrid” nature if appropriate.
ACO Technologies have taken steps to try and avoid unnecessary emissions by actively encouraging employees using company vehicles to consider their Travel Footprint (using Travel This measurement will become part of ACO Technologies policy by 2015 with the objective of reducing the Carbon footprint.

The same process has been adopted for all company travel.

Transport of products is a major element of ACO Technologies’ business.

ACO Technologies major transport partner is “very aware of (their) responsibilities to improve and control operating efficiencies. All of (their) drivers are regularly trained and coached to drive in a way that will conserve fuel. Following trials they are still actively considering the use of bio fuels and have been using efficient trunking between hubs and depots for many years.

ACO Technologies recognises the need to manage and reduce packaging waste to a minimum and uses recycled and re-useable packaging where ever appropriate.

ACO is fully committed to implementing the ongoing improvements required by the Packaging and Waste Regulations of 2007 and is a member of a registered Compliance Scheme.

ACO uses new or reconditioned wooden pallets constructed from timber originating from sustainable forests and are supplied by a specialist supplier who also refurbishes any damaged pallets.

Work on the segregation of used and unwanted packaging and pallet materials for subsequent recycling continues with the aim of recycling 100% of these materials within 6 months.

Following the success of the initial concerted effort to AVOID and REDUCE use of material ACO now have an ongoing MEASUREMENT programme in order to keep production residue to a minimum.
While ACO now account for a very low level of general residues being sent for disposal –it remains a target for ongoing reduction.
All new product development incorporates the objectives of the environmental statement, including reduction in use of material.

Carbon offsetting is the process of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing credits related to emissions reductions projects or through carbon trading schemes.

ACO are currently pursuing the hierarchal priorities of Calculate: Avoid: Reduce. The current programme has focused on measurement and calculation of CO2e and through 2013/14 the management focus is looking to pursue realistic avoidance and reduction in emissions.

Carbon offsetting initiatives will be reviewed during 2014 with a view to possible engagement during 2015.

Implementation of ACO Technologies Environment related policies is being enhanced through a company- wide awareness programme supported by appropriate training.

ACO Technologies are a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and utilise the training facilities made available online for all aspects of Sustainability

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