ACO has unrivalled experience in designing, creating and advising on fully-integrated and sustainable surface water management systems. Whatever your requirements, we can help you deliver an effective SuDS solution and support you with best practice, relevant information and dedicated resources on an ongoing basis.


Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) aim to control surface rainfall run-off by slowing its drainage rate, relieving pressure on sewerage systems and mimicking natural drainage as closely as possible. Used effectively, SuDS can help local authorities, planners, architects and developers deliver greener infrastructure.

ACO believes that the best SuDS will be cost-effective to operate and provide efficient drainage throughout their life. Rather than being inherently ‘soft’ or ‘hard’, they will instead include an optimized and integral mix of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ components which will combine to bring out the best in each other.


ASDA Leicester - Case Study

Leicester City Council has worked collaboratively with Asda, ISG and ACO Water Management to achieve a first in sustainable urban drainage within a supermarket development.
SuDS study summary
Of the many advantages that sustainable drainage design brings interception is universally significant. As a design goal interception relates to the retention on site of the first fraction of a storm. Intercepting just 5mm of every single storm - large or small, infrequent or frequent has profound implications for management of water quality and quantity. The sites hydrological response will more closely approximate greenfield conditions – retaining initial runoff moderates otherwise deleterious effects on receiving waters – preserving morphology and enhancing quality. Statistically, over 50% of storms produce less than 5mm of rainfall therefore intercepting just 5mm means the majority of storms create no run off at all.
Though conceptually desirable, practical provision of interception has proven problematic in certain circumstances, where for example, infiltration potential is low or impermeable surface area is relatively large. ACO has worked alongside sustainable drainage experts - HR Wallingford to further explore how interception might be achieved in problematic but increasingly typical scenarios. The study evolved from consideration of large urban commercial car parks which encouraged interest from supermarket operators – ASDA, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

An early outcome has been the production of a practical methodology by which interception might be evaluated. Rather than absolute prescription the methodology presents an inherently flexible approach based on statistical performance of SuDS components, accepting that interception will not always be possible. The approach indicates that interception is viable for a variety of techniques for up to 80% of events in the summer and 50% during wintertime.

A fully developed tool would facilitate convenient assessment by the forthcoming SAB’s and those undertaking planning applications.
SuDS Update, July 2015
SuDS Update, July 2015 Update on SuDS and the New Planning Regulations
Integrating SuDS case
Detailing design challenges on a housing development that are
increasingly facing designers: meeting the requirements of SuDS, enabling practical amenity and achieving this economically.
Protecting Environments
The Pitt review was the catalyst for the new legislation governing surface water management – most notably the Flood and Water Management Act for England and Wales Review was the catalyst for the new legislation governing swm.
Working with SuDS
This practical overview will help you actively design with SuDS at the forefront of legislation.
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Our unique model – Collect, Clean, Hold , Release embraces the entire surface water management cycle – from the point where rain lands right through to where it re-enters the natural water environment
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How can ACO help with SuDS?

ACO’s advanced water engineering expertise enables us to design solutions with a difference. Our unique approach to SUDS controls rainwater distribution from the moment it hits the ground until it re-enters the natural water environment – minimising environmental impact and maximising sustainability

Every ACO system is designed specifically to manage both the flow rate and volume of surface water run-off, in order to reduce the risk of flooding and pollution. This eases pressure on the sewerage network, improves water quality and makes the natural features of SuDS more effective

What ACO products are suitable for a SuDS solution?

Our new StormBrixx attenuation and infiltration system and Qmax slot drainage system represent the latest milestones in our journey to create superior, sustainable surface water management solutions. Used in conjunction with our other water management products; ACO Q-Ceptor oil separators and Q-Brake vortex flow controls they can help you achieve an integrated SuDS solution.

In addition other ACO products can be used within the system chain, products such as KerbDrain, or ACO channel drainage systems can be utilised to collect surface water runoff.

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