Protection and enhancement

Measures to assist declining wild animal populations in our built environment have never been so important for wildlife conservation. ACO is committed to the protection and enhancement of wildlife by working with such concepts as SuDS to offer solutions that comply with legislation and good practice guidelines.

Small animals occupy a wide range of habitats which are often divided by roads. Some animals, in particular amphibians, may undertake seasonal migration between land habitats and their vital spawning grounds. Animals can be drawn to roads and move slowly as they cross them, so many may be killed by passing traffic.

In addition to the danger to animals there are also risks to drivers and passengers if vehicles swerve to avoid animals on the road. Public safety and biodiversity protection both benefit from the use of ACO Wildlife systems.

ACO has also extended the Wildlife range with a new Bat Box and a series of Refuges to add to the
bird Nest Box and such innovative products as the Wildlife Kerb.

Interactive road scene
Rollover the numbers on the road scene to reveal the installed Wildlife product in situ. You can click on the product to gain more information.

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